We are a caring, compassionate community with a common goal of giving hope to families of prisoners!

We firmly believe in extending grace and value to the families we serve. Whether it is a Host Mom serving a grandmother breakfast in bed during a Family Retreat, or a Mentor patiently working with an angry child during our After-school Program, or the cooks putting out seconds and thirds at meals so our summer campers can really fill up; we strive to make camp the place where our families experience the tender care that they need to heal.

We know that the children will have emotional and relational problems and we are ready for it.

We know some of the moms will need smoke breaks and we have places where they can.

We know these families are desperately in need of hope to give them the fortitude to address the challenges they face. The games, group sessions, camp activities and gentle one-on-one times are all part of building hope in the hearts of families of prisoners.