Camp David’s objective is to break the cycle of generational incarceration through hope and opportunities for families of prisoners. Year after year we serve an average of 225 children, which is about 130 families in the state of Missouri. What a joy to watch our students begin to do well in school, and lead their siblings in finishing high school and going on to college!

Camp David administers and collects post surveys on all student participants in order to measure the effectiveness of the program, adjust future activities, and tailor lessons as needed for greater impact.



  • “I learned about team building. My favorite things were the horses and swimming” -Ciara
  • “I learned about archery. My favorite things were swimming and horses.” -Janiya
  • “I learned about teamwork and leadership. My favorite things were riding horses and having fun.” -Jabari
  • “I learned that God is always on time. My favorite things were making new friends and laughing” -Danielle
  • “I learned that it is not my fault my dad is incarcerated. My favorite things were horses and archery.” – TJ
  • “I learned about God and how he forgives no matter what. My favorite things were horseback riding and archery” -Ocean
  • “I learned about Jesus and the way He died on the cross so God could forgive us for our sins. My favorite things were swimming and horseback riding.” –Jared
  • “I learned about teamwork on the obstacle course! My favorite things were making new friends, archery, fishing, and my counselors!”-Carlton
  • “I learned about saving myself for the person God set in store for me. My favorite things were swimming, the Princess Dinner, horses, and singing.” – Zanjiah
  • “I learned about how God is there with me every part of my life. My favorite things were horseback riding and swimming. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. Coming to this camp opened my heart and mind to the Lord. This was a very good and new experience for me! Thank you, God bless you!”- Jade


  • “Learning about Jesus was meaningful to my son. He also really enjoyed learning about growing a garden.”- A.H
  • “I noticed my son is now a little more at ease around others. He has come out his shell a bit more.” –A.H
  • “My grand-daughter has not stopped talking about drugs, cigarettes, lying etc. being sinful and how we must forgive people who do these things and not to grow up like that.”-D.C
  • “The boys like the experience of getting away from the city, making new friends, and being able to play and do things without worrying about things they have to worry about when playing outside at home.” –C.Y
  • “Each year she becomes a better person and learns more about the Bible. I am glad she is a part of this wonderful experience thru a difficult situation.” – T. Q
  • “When my boys came home, they were so excited about telling a lot of verses to us and said that they know God lives in them no matter what or where or who they are.” C.Y
  • “Dennis always enjoys the photo book he brings back from camp. He looks at it over and over and still has the others for the last 4-5 years.” L.S
  • “My grandson has a lot of “emotional baggage” as do most of the camp kids, but CDO gives us such a good base-it is amazing! I know it’s a LOT of work but keep it up-we do appreciate you!” –L.V
  • “The gathering at the camp fire and sharing experiences. Awesome for my grandson to receive a medal for having the most points for interacting with your team, building teamwork.” – P.B


“God bless you for allowing your heart to give me this wonderful experience. You are the reason I know I have purpose in life- you allowing me to participate has brought me closer to God and I have made new friends. I know I’m not alone and I’m special and worthy. Thank you kindly. This means more than you’ll ever know.” T

“Wonderful program!! It’s nice to know that someone out there cares and it was great to be surrounded by others you can relate to. I hope this program continues and I look forward to future retreats!!” D

“I have never had so much joy and peace in a long time. Just to open up my mind and heart and soul not be ashamed to be with others not judgmental. I’m glad to have the pleasure to enjoy what my children love, a place where I can be a kid again. Delightful. A mind blowing blessing. With that being said, I love my camp family.” Y