Lauren Abbott
Lauren Abbott


Lauren Abbott is excited to join the Camp David Team. She is looking forward to seeing what God will do with Camp David in the following year. Lauren grew up homeschooled outside Rolla, and volunteered at Camp David for the first time during the summer of 2016. She has volunteered every summer since then and most recently worked as the Media Manager.  She finished her senior year of high school on December 31st of 2019, in time to start her one-year internship a few days later.

Lauren enjoys making relationships and creating memories with the summer staff every year. A favorite memory includes pretending to be a feral animal while fighting over a snack with a friend. She also loves spending time with the Smith family and with cats that are in the general vicinity of camp property. Her hobbies include art, music, and writing about herself in the third person. She has an obsessive love of cats, and enjoys spending time with people if cats are not an option. She also enjoys reading fantasy novels and watching movies with a lot of action.

During her internship, Lauren hopes to learn more about graphic design, handling conflict, responsibility, and this whole “adulting” thing she has heard rumors about. If you’ve read the bio this far, please contact me. I’m curious to know what your type of people do all day, besides this.

P.O. Box 1607
Rolla, MO 65402