Director’s Word

Over the years, I have been blessed by prisoners' families in so many ways. Through them I have come to know the love and wisdom of God in a deeper way then I ever imagined. Although families of prisoners are likely the most fragile families in America, they also have the greatest potential because God's power is most evident in our weakness. The greatest nuggets of truth throughout human history have been forged in the flames of adversity. I hope you will join us in unleashing the full potential found in prisoners' families.

- our staff -

Meet Our Leadership

Benjamin A. Smith
Benjamin A. Smith
Founder and Director
Cheyenne Tope
Cheyenne Tope
IMPACT Intern & Horse Program Manager
H. Grace Smith
H. Grace Smith
Co-Founder & Director

“I learned teamwork and about having fun. My favorite thing was horses and crafts.”
“I learned about God and how he works. My favorite thing at was making friends and archery.”
“My favorite things were horseback riding, swimming, and other activities. I’ve had lots of fun! ”
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