Backpack Program

We can do the shopping for you!  Just click here to pick your backpack(s), add a message to your child(ren)’s birthday card, and pay.  We’ll do the rest!  Thanks!

backpack-cuteCamp David’s Backpack Program connects churches and groups with our campers in fun and affordable way. The backpacks provide at-risk kids with the needed items for camp (flashlight and toiletries), plus a birthday gift and a stuffed animal to help them feel welcome and loved.

Here’s how the program works:

  • The Backpack program runs from March to May by finding churches and groups to participate, and providing bags to fill to a coordinator in each church. Participants take home the bags, fill them, and return them two weeks later! The coordinator collects all the filled bags and delivers them to Camp David by the middle of May.
  • Participants take home large Ziploc bags with instructions on how to fill each backpack, and then return them 2-3 weeks later. An average cost to fill each backpack is $25.
  • Angel Tree provides the nylon backpacks & Bibles for each camper. Camp David supplies water bottles and camper devotionals that go into the backpacks in addition to the supplies gathered by groups.
  • Camp David staff combines the backpack items that the backpack participants purchased, plus the Bibles, devotionals & water bottles, and assembles them for each camper.
  • As part of filling the backpacks, participants also give $10 toward each camper’s birthday gift, and provide a birthday card signed by them. Camp David has a birthday party each week of camp for the campers, and uses the money to purchase gifts for them. The personalized cards go with each gift.
  • After camp in August, Camp David will send out thank you notes from the campers to those who filled the backpacks. Each participant will also receive a thank you and tax donation receipt from Camp David.

Thank you for considering being part of this program- a personal and affordable way that your church or group can touch the lives of at-risk kids.  To participate, please contact our office 573-364-2786 or email