My Club After-School Program

What is My Club?
Camp David’s Front Porch Program has merged into a new curriculum/program called My Club. This is a faith-based program designed for the specific needs of children of incarcerated parents and the recently released. Our vision is to create support and encouragement through activities surrounding character development, spiritual awareness, practical life skills, and support a healthy vision for the rest of the young person’s life. My Club members spend every meeting learning new things, surrounded by other young people going through the same challenges. My Club’s focus is on at-risk kids, foster children or children of inmates.

My Club lives up to its name as we encourage members to make the program their own. My Club members help pick out lesson topics, activities, field trips, and special guests they wish to invite from our Community Partners program. My Club Member’s work with their mentors to create an environment unique to each club making it a fun and safe place. For more information contact our mentor program director at:

Ways to be involved:

Support- My Club is offered free to our at-risk students; so the costs for food, transportation, and supplies are an opportunity for you to donate and be part of giving hope. Will you make a donation today to help our My Club?

Mentors- My Club is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make a real difference in the lives considered most affected by incarceration and addiction. My Club meets once a week for group actives and mentoring. My Club mentors are also encouraged to meet one a week after school with Members of My Club for one-on-one time. Contact us for more details on becoming a mentor!

Transportation- My Club meets twice a week for group actives and mentoring and needs help with picking students up at school and bringing them to Grace Church in Rolla.

Food and Meal prep -Do you love to cook? This is the opportunity for you. Our food team help provide healthy and kid friendly meals to our My Club members and their families. Food team works with the My Club Lead Mentor to work out meal plans, work out food prep times, and clean up.Work as a individual or as a team. Commitments can be made one year, 12 weeks, or full year with 2 week breaks as designated by the team.

If you want more information for your child to be involved, please contact or fill out the application at the bottom of this page.

We need your prayers! We need people who will commit to praying for this program–its mentors, and its students. Mentoring is a tool God can use to empower these kids to be all that they were created to be.

Thank you to everyone who helps make this happen. It is so exciting to be able to come alongside these kids and give them the support and encouragement to see them take confidence in themselves!

Mentees/Students- Guardians please fill out this application!
2018-2019 My Club Student Application
Mentors- please fill out this application!
2018-2019 My Club Mentor Application