Shame is NO LONGER my name.


The story behind Camp David of the Ozarks

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“One day as the little boys were running towards the game field, one of them shouted to his counselor, “I LOVE camp!” “Why?” asked the curious counselor. “Because I can run around outside and not get shot!” The boy yelled as he ran off. The counselor’s head was spinning- was that kid saying what he thought he was? Yes, sadly, that little boy was not allowed outside at home because of the gangs and frequent shots being fired in his neighborhood. And that boy wasn’t from war-torn Uganda, he was one of America’s children growing up in a cycle of crime, abuse, and poverty.”

Be inspired by one couple’s journey to serve God and make a difference. Maybe God is speaking to your heart to step out and foster parent, or maybe to start an after-school program in your city…this story was written to inspire you to step out and do big, crazy things for God. Maybe you are living in the shame of trying to follow your dream and having it fail. We believe this story will deepen your faith that God can make a way. He can do it for you.


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