Camp David International

Camp David International began in 2017 with our first International camp in Uganda, Africa. The camp impacted the lives of 120 children of prisoners ages 4 to 18, and was such a tremendous blessing both to the ministry we partnered with and our Camp David team, that we knew we wanted to do this again! Since then, God has been opening doors and connecting us to other ministries around the world who are serving children of prisoners and other very at-risk children.

For 2018 we have three mission trips planned that you can be part of either by prayer, financial support, or some are open for applications to join!


February 28- March 9, 2018 – Southeast Asia. This is a small trip to make connections in a fairly closed area of the world. Our Camp David team of four will be serving orphans, a leper community, and sharing the gospel in a unreached people group. A big goal is to connect with those doing prison ministry in this area to plan for leading a week of camp in the future.


Early July – Dominican Republic. We are still in the planning stages of this trip but we anticipate partnering with Project Manana and serving up to 200 children of prisoners with a week of camp, and a day camp program in the prison with their dads. We are looking for many to join us for this outreach, so we will get an application and cost posted soon!


August 23- September 1, 2018 – Uganda, Africa.  This will be our 2nd year to host Camp David Uganda in partnership with Wells of Hope Ministry in Uganda. We anticipate serving about 120 children of prisoners in a week of camp, and visiting some of their parents in the prisons. You will be so blessed as you come serve with our team and our Uganda family! Cost and Application coming soon!!



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