William Robinson
William Robinson

Staff Ministries Director

William is passionate about serving others and breaking people free from the negative stereotypes the world has set for them. He is a child of a prisoner and he knows what it’s like to experience hardships and people coming and going from his life. William enjoys encouraging others, having deep conversations, and getting to know people for who they really are.

William has worked at Camp David in positions of Support Staff, Counselor, Food Service, and several other leadership positions. His motive to keep coming back is so he can give other children of prisoners the same opportunities he was given as a boy. William wants them to know that they aren’t stuck in the life they’re in. This is part of the reason why he decided to become the Staff Ministries Director.  A bigger part in this calling is his passion to empower and motivate young people, and to help them find their purpose in life.

William desires to serve the Lord in everything he does.  He believes that people can change their ways and follow God if they are really willing and have been given a chance. William is giving people the chance and sticking with them to help them grow, while growing himself. William’s passion is speaking life into people.

William loves outdoor games, cooking, coloring, working out, riding bikes, and watching movies.

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