Lukas Hogshooter
Lukas Hogshooter

Horse Program Leader

Lukas started working at Camp David of the Ozarks in 2016 on Support Staff. Since his initial arrival he has served as Counselor, Green Team Counselor, and Wrangler. Lukas is a TYRO training graduate and a firm believer in the Gospel and redeeming power of Jesus Christ. He is currently an IMPACT Intern at Camp David and is also taking on the position of temporary Horse Program Leader until a replacement can be found.

Lukas has had a heart for ministry from a young age and was involved in many different outreach programs such as a Court Night Ministry and Jail ministry in Dixon, MO. He was also involved with Vacation Bible School, and other programs. In 2008, he professed Christ as Savior and Lord of his life. His dream is to be able to preach the Word of God and help rebuild the lives of the broken.

Lukas is a deep thinker, and a dedicated worker. He also likes to learn how to do new things. He has a compassionate heart and strives to show God’s love to everyone he meets. He loves friendly competition, especially in tactical games such as chess, air-soft, Call of Duty, etc.

Lukas’ favorite things about camp is spending time with the campers just playing basketball, memorizing verses, worshiping God, and playing capture the flag. He also enjoys hanging out with the staff in working and just goofing off.

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