When you hear scary statistics showing that out of the millions of children of prisoners in the USA, many of them will end up in prison themselves, it is easy to feel like there is no hope. The good news is – we have an answer! The most common denominator in an at-risk youth beating these odds is having ONE, trusting relationship with an adult. You can be that ONE!

God can use YOU to make a difference in the life of a youth who needs a friend. That’s all mentoring is: building a friendship with a kid who needs another role model in his life – someone to believe he CAN do it. It takes a willing heart and the commitment to spend 1-2 hours a week with a youth, but the impact in both your life and theirs will be incredible.

Camp David of the Ozarks Mentoring will provide the training on effective mentoring, ongoing advice, and encouragement. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon, but it will take a loving heart that wants to extend God’s grace, hope, and love to a child of a prisoner!

How to be a Mentor:

  • Fill out application and get accepted
  • Get paired with a child of a prisoner
  • Meet once a week for 1-2 hours
  • Play basketball, go on walks, give high fives, dance in the rain, make cookies, play video games, talk about life
  • Be a friend

“DO IT! By God’s grace, it is one of the most amazing ways you can change someone’s life” -A Camp David Mentor for 4 years

2017 Mentor Application
P.O. Box 1607
Rolla, MO 65402