board-member-davidDavid has spent the last 32 years studying the intersection between psychotherapy and Christian spirituality.  He has a masters in counseling psychology with an emphasis in marital and family therapy.  He is licensed as a professional counselor in Missouri.  In the mental health field since 1975, he has held administrative, clinical and teaching positions.  He is a community mental health liaison with Pathways Community Healthcare in Rolla, a position in which he assists law enforcement and the courts in handling persons with behavioral health difficulties.  He serves as an adjunct full professor in counseling at Webster University in Rolla.

David has long held the notion that disease, including psychological distress, develops within a life context of relationship that includes the person’s world of thought, his/her family and other significant relationships, the ability to experience and regulate emotions, physical states and her/his relationship with God.  In order to heal, we need to address many if not all of those issues.  He works with consumers and trains staff to assess needs in each of those areas and treat the needs discovered, including developing long term plans to find the supports needed to continuously overcome distress.

David is actively involved in the Rolla community, serving on the Board of Directors for the Camp David of the Ozarks and serves as an ambassador for the Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce.  He is an elder at Greentree Christian Church.  He has been married 39 years to Tippy and has two grown children and five grandchildren.  His favorite pastimes include bicycling, hiking and camping with Tippy.  He occasionally walks a stream with a fly rod and a few flies, and being both Christian and a fisherman, is challenged to maintain honesty in the stories that ripple forth from the streams.

Concerning the mission of CDO, David shares, “It gives us the chance, right here in our rural community, to see God at work in the lives of the prisoners’ families we serve. And, we see not just the kids being changed, but we see them and their moms becoming ambassadors for Christ, sharing their passion for Jesus with their friends, families and other campers.”
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